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Self confidence, assurance, poise. A correctly set body.

Stemming from the inability to be complacent, Aplomb Pilates was born in quarantine. A group of instructors affected by a shut down came together not just for themselves but for their students.  Pilates is not just an exercise program - it is the functionality of life. No matter if you are a professional athlete or have physical limitations, Pilates will help you understand your minds connection to your body. 


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3735 Saxonburg Blvd. Pittsburgh, PA 15238, 2nd Floor

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Read about how Aplomb Pilates is one of the places to be in Pittsburgh!

Kimberly R. 

"I love Aplomb Pilates! These gals know what they are doing! I have been taking classes for 6 months and have seen a dramatic change in my body. I am stronger, leaner and overall, feel great! I enjoy going to the studio, it is bright and beautiful and Cara and Emily are fun and change up the workout so you don’t get bored! The classes are offered at convenient times with plenty of parking. I can’t imagine my life without Aplomb Pilates!"

Paula G. 

"I absolutely love going to Aplomb Pilates studio. I’ve taken Pilates classes in the past and I knew how they could transform your body, strengthening your core and improving posture while toning and sculpting. However, I had never experienced the reformer, chair or the endless amount of exercises that Aplomb Pilates is able to put together, making the Pilates experience different every time! Cara and Emily are knowledgeable at what they do and I always look forward to attending their class😊"

Debbie S. 

This place is amazing! The owners are super knowledgeable and friendly, very comfortable to be around! The studio is impeccably clean, bright and beautiful and easy to park. I never realized how much I would love Pilates! There are a million different exercises and they are not at all taxing on your body but they are challenging. I’ve been going since September and I can see and feel a difference! I feel accomplished after each and every workout and it truly is functional fitness! Highly recommend!!
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