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Class Description


Introductory Class:

This 30-minute complimentary class introduces our instructors, Pilates history, equipment, and some basic Pilates movements.  Everyone is welcome. 

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In this class you will form the necessary base or core of alignment, breath, stability, and control. If you are new to exercise or are just returning after a hiatus, we highly recommend you attend this class until you have the functional awareness of your body and the basics of Pilates. This class will always welcome Level 1 and Level 2 students who need or want to revisit.

Pilates Students:

  • Are learning to stabilize before moving; are building control, awareness, and appropriate muscle recruitment

  • Understand the importance of breathing and are beginning to coordinate breath with movement.

  • Understand the concept of pelvic positioning (neutral pelvis/anterior tilt/posterior tilt) and can adjust the position of their pelvis as cued by the teacher.

  • Can lift and lengthen the spine and corresponding muscles to support the body while on the equipment or mat.



Level 1:

For those who are on their way to mastering the fundamentals and want to continue their work at a moderate pace. Those who have regular workout routine and have a good awareness of their bodies

Pilates Students:

  •  Are aware of breath and are beginning to naturally coordinate breath with movement.

  • Can maintain a stable pelvic position during open chain, closed chain, or semi-closed chain exercises. (Closed kinetic chain movement, the limbs are stabilized with the feet on a solid surface such as the foot bar during Pilates footwork exercises. A kinetic chain is considered "open" when the part of the body you're moving (typically a limb) is loose in space. In other words, the hand or foot is free to move and not pressing against a surface. This allows a muscle or muscle group to act in isolation.)


  • Can control their equipment with their body—for instance, can close the reformer carriage quietly without “banging,” change springs and put feet or hands in reformer straps efficiently and safely.

  • Can stabilize shoulders/scapulae during upper body movement.


Level 2

For those who have mastered the fundamentals are able move with purpose at a moderate pace and have confidence in their body awareness in space.

Pilates Students:

  • Know/recognize most of the fundamental Pilates exercises by name and are familiar with their corresponding equipment setups.

  • Have built up stamina to work at a quicker pace with less need for cueing from the teacher.

  • Are moving in flexion and extension exercises, as well as fundamental side-bending and rotation exercises.

  • Know how to modify exercises for their own bodies, if needed. (Note: Aplomb teachers are always committed to keeping clients safe when exercises don’t fit; it’s important for clients at this level and beyond to know their bodies and how to adjust for themselves.)

Private Classes:

We will recommend private classes to those who have medical issues, injuries and or those who are unable to maintain the Fundamentals (alignment, breath, stability, and control in a group class.

We also reserve private time for those who are looking to develop their practice at a higher level.

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