December 3

mve chair.jpeg


Try a class entirely preformed on the Mve Chair (a variation of Joe Pilates’ Wunda chair). This class will take all the Pilates exercises we love and apply them to the Chair. Standing, sitting, and side-lying, are all done while you are above, below, or next to the Chair. The chair is more than just a foot peddle! 


Discover how the resistive springs act to either challenge or assist you.

Learn how this smaller version of the reformer packs a powerful punch in your Pilates practice. 

Learn how to include balance challenges as part of your core strengthening practice. 


(This class is for Aplomb Level 1 and beyond Members as it requires full articulation of the spine, intermediate to advanced abdominal control, and comfort in kneeling position.)

**Not for clients with neck, spine, or knee issues, or for those with glaucoma, neuropathy, retinal detachment, osteo arthritis, osteopenia, or Upper Extremity injury.