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Landlord/Construction update

Our landlord is a dear, honest and trustworthy man. We have seen him at the space on the weekends doing some of the work with his 13-yearold son. We know that this is the right space for us, we just know that good…dare I say Great Things come to those who wait; or you know sit on their hands, clench their teeth and breathe deeply knowing that things are turning out exactly as they should. His latest email reads: “While I would love to be able to commit to midNovember, it is still too premature. Although I've asked the general contractor to do your space before the third floor's, there is still so much to do. Unfortunately, the general contractor only has 1/2 a crew because of the crazy labor situation, and virtually every subcontractor has delayed us by weeks (and raised their rates...). In terms of progress, the entire space has been insulated and framed, the electrical box and gas line have been run for the utilities, and the plumber is to come to rough-in the fixtures. It is absolutely a priority for us, and there is forward momentum, unfortunately the timing of this weird labor market is working against us."

Our Story:

Aplomb Pilates is a brand-new adventure for both Cara and me. We want to bring you along with us, so you know where we have come from and where our hearts and minds are set as we open the studio. Our greatest hope is that you find the same benefits from Pilates that we have discovered. Our original lives’ plans were set and had no intention of instructing or running a studio full time. Cara spent years succeeding in Our Equipment: Peak Pilates MVE reformer and Tower …the way your body feels IS the treat~ Aplomb Pilates the coffee service industry and my career as a pediatric OT was quite fulfilling until we both experienced changes that set our paths in different directions. Cara had serious injuries to her feet which halted her regular job activities and my 5 pregnancies wrecked both my body and my daily schedule. The question “what do I do now?” was quickly realized. I started to self-rehabilitate after completing pelvic floor therapy and PT. Please remember, I’m a therapist so I believe in therapy however, it wasn’t enough for me to go once a week and spend a ton of money in co-pays. Additionally, my whole body needed an overhaul. 5 babies in 5 years and an ACL reconstruction 1 year prior really challenged my ability to function daily. Instead of co-pays I put my money toward Pilates classes 2 times a week. I could commit to that. As soon as I finished my first intro class I was hooked! I knew that this was the regime for me. I walked out of every class feeling good both physically and mentally (that surprised me). This thing that I had found was so good that I wanted more. If 2 classes a week was helping, what about 4 I wondered? After a few weeks things started to take shape and after a few months I felt repaired. I believe in Pilates because I experienced it. It was at that time with 5 babies at home and a changing work environment I resigned from my OT position and made some life changes. Cara similarly found herself in a completely new role after serving 20+ years as a GM with Starbucks. All those lattes had damaged her feet and her surgeon gave the sad news that she had to make a life and career change. Cara had been teaching Mat Pilates for 11 years and had always been passionate about health and wellness and received her certification from Institute of integrative nutrition as well as became a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners in 2009, so a new career as a Pilates GM seemed like a nice fit. Additionally, the comprehensive teacher training program presented itself at just the right time for the both of us. Why not expand our skill set. What we didn’t expect, like everyone else, was the Pandemic of 2020. Our new plans were put on the back burner as local studios were closing around us. There has been a lot of loss over the last year and a Read Our Story The Metallo Family half however, we are in a place to create some growth. Cara and I have decided to step out and make this studio happen. We are putting all our time, treasure, and talent to create a space to practice Pilates and provide wellness. After going months without getting on the reformers I felt the decline in my body and my mind. Cara realized her absolute love of teaching. We craved what the studio had to offer and know that now, more than ever, other people need it too. We hope that this will be a place where you can start to reclaim yourself and your body. We want to encourage you to keep contributing to yourself and your health. We want this to be successful not just for us and our families but because this has the potential to make your life better. We intend to invest in you when you invest in us. Please know we a have put a great deal of love and energy into this studio and company with the support of our husbands and children. Your support is so important to us, and we appreciate you. Please join us as soon as the construction is complete, and we can open our doors. We had hoped for a November start however this crazy world we live in seems to be changing daily. You can find our pre-opening sale prices and sign up now to save. Feel free to ask questions and get to know more about Pilates.

Emily and Cara