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Self confidence, assurance, poise. A correctly set body.

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Aplomb Pilates offers reformer and mixed apparatus classes that are
both classical and modern in a boutique studio environment.

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This 30-minute complimentary class introduces our instructors, Pilates history, equipment, and some basic Pilates movements.  Everyone is welcome. 

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This 45-minute class forms the necessary base of alignment, breath, stability, and control. If you are new to exercise or are just returning after a hiatus, we highly recommend you attend this class until you have the functional awareness of your body and the basics of Pilates. This class also welcomes Level 1 and Level 2 students who need or want to revisit.


Level 1:

This 45-minute class is designed for those who are on their way to mastering the fundamentals and want to continue their work at a moderate pace. Ideal for those who have regular workout routine and have a good awareness of their bodies and some knowledge of Pilates.


Level 2:

This 45-minute class is reserved for those who have mastered the fundamentals and level 1 exercises. This class requires knowledge of most Pilates exercises and the ability to move with purpose at a moderate pace safely. It is our most challenging class and is available to those who have received Aplomb approval.

Private Classes:

This 55-minute one on one private session is recommended for those who have medical issues, injuries, and/or those who are unable to maintain the Fundamentals (alignment, breath, stability, and control in a group class.)

We also reserve private sessions for those who are looking to challenge and develop their practice with individual attention as well as customization at a higher level.

Read more about our class levels to find which is right for you!

Classes Offered

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